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A decade of serving youth athletes



Member Organizations

Open to Charter Schools, Private Schools and Homeschool Organizations, TAIAO offers 16 varsity sports and 7 middle school sports with participation throughout the state of Texas.

Why choose us

Play local teams

TAIAO does not require long distance travel for district play. Play local and travel only for playoffs.

All Star postseason games

We provide athletes the ability to compete in postseason All-Star events which honor those who have earned the opportunity.

Organization focus

We are a member driven organization giving the organizations the say in how we grow and the rules governing our sports.

Competitive fees

We offer low fees while maintaining the quality of the tournaments, meets and playoffs we provide.

Choose your sports

TAIAO does not require all your sports to compete in our league to be a member.

Less Travel

Districts often pair teams of unequal talent and require extensive travel. TAIAO does away with both.

Join over 70 organizations who call TAIAO their home for junior high and high school athletics.


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