Our Story

TAIAO was formed to provide small private school, charter school and homeschool organizations with a family friendly option for sports, academic and fine arts competition. Eight organizations that, for whatever reason could not find a “FIT” with existing athletic leagues in Texas determined to form their own organization that would be responsive to the needs of the member organizations and always keep the best interest of the student athletes in mind.

The initial impetus for the league was started by various football coaches that had been cooperating for years and coming together at the end of the season for the annual IRON MAN tournament to provide something for their kids to play for at the end of the year.  A decision was made to form the league with hopes of growing it to other sports in the future.

A conscious decision was made to keep the organization small the first year. Frankly we didn’t know for sure what we were getting in to and we wanted to make sure that we would have a cooperative and understanding membership in case there were bumps in the road.

As the 2013 season wound down, numerous other organizations began to contact us requesting information about our fledgling league. 2014 saw our numbers double and we now serve over 70 organizations from El Paso to Beaumont and ! We have continued to and South Texas to north of DFW!

While we started with offering only 6-Man Football, we have added Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and Softball, Cross Country, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Powerlifting and an Academic & Fine Arts Meet.

Join the fast growing sports league in Texas