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TAIAO is open to Charter Schools, Private Schools and Homeschool Organizations.  We currently have representation from all of these types of organizations.

TAIAO has rules to which other leagues do not comply.  The main ones are as follows:

  1. TAIAO does not allow athletes who turn 19 before May 31st of their senior year to compete without an exemption. No super seniors.
  2. TAIAO does not allow select athletes to compete on a TAIAO team and a select team at the same time.
  3. TAIAO does not allow any team to hold tryouts for the purpose of making the team. This is a common practice for select teams.

We currently have offerings in 6-Man Football (HS and MS), Basketball (Boys and Girls HS and MS), Volleyball (HS and MS),Soccer, Cross Country, Baseball, Track, Tennis and Golf. 

We are always interested in adding programs. If you have an interest in leading and organizing a new sport or academic program please contact us.  All of our leadership is volunteer based and the organization is always looking to add valuable volunteers to benefit our programs.

TAIAO is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization.  The fees are used to sponsor year end tournaments and awards, some minimal office expenses, insurance and advertising/website fees.  There are currently not any paid staff at TAIAO.  All members of all committees work on a volunteer basis.  We recognize that eventually the administrative burden may require the addition of paid administrative help, but will strive for fees to be unaffected by such a decision.  Nobody is making a profit through TAIAO.

TAIAO is member run.  The Steering Committee (SC) is comprised of 5 individuals from TAIAO member organizations and is the final rule adjudicating body.  Its members server 2 year staggered terms.

Underneath the SC, each sport has a committee chair and committee of three to five members who operate their respective sports.

All sports have their own rules called “Sports Plans” and decisions made by the committees can be appealed to the SC.

TAIAO is open to athletes ages 10 and up for all sports with the exception of football where the minimum age is 11.

If your athlete is 13 on or before May 31st of the year they can participate in middle school sports. 

No athlete is allowed more than four years of varsity play without an exemption.

TAIAO does not allow Super Seniors. Athletes may not turn 19 before May 31st of their senior year (without some limited exemptions).

There are some exceptions to these eligibility rules but you need to contact us with specific questions.

If you have questions or would like to discuss specifics regarding membership, please contact Jason Knight at jason@taiao.org or text him at 254-266-0702.