February 13, 2024

2024 Basketball All Star Games

Please read in its entirety.  If you have any questions please contact Brent at commissioner@taiao.org

We are coming down to the last few weeks of basketball. Next week, coaches will convene via conference call to select all-stars.  This year the All-Star game will be March 2nd in San Antonio at The Winston (Women’s 3:30, Men’s D2 4:40, Men’s D2 6:00)

Conference for all-star nominations:  
Women’s Varsity: Wed Feb 21st @ 6pm. 
Call in Link (Direct Dial:413-338-0286‬ PIN: ‪412 254 981‬#)
South 6-6:25pm
North 6:30-6:55pm

Men’s Varsity Div 2: Wed Feb 21st @ 7pm.
Call in Link (Direct Dial:929-282-0895‬ PIN: ‪442 067 806#‬)
South 7-7:25pm
North 7:30-7:55pm

Men’s Varsity Div 1: Wed Feb 21st @ 8pm.
Call in Link (Direct Dial:240-816-0015‬ PIN: ‪829 463 798#‬)
South 8-8:25pm
North 8:30-8:55pm

This is a great weekend where teams and players put aside rivalries and enjoy a bit of fellowship.  This is NOT a senior game. It is an All-Star game.  We would love to have each team represented at the all-star game.  Regardless of your team’s record, we firmly believe each team has at least 1 all-star that could represent your organization and TAIAO well at the All-Star game.  Please be thinking about who you will be nominating.

Guidelines when nominating players…..

  1. Be mindful that we don’t play each other.  Because of this we depend on stats and your honesty.  Stat’s don’t tell the complete story.  A team might have a pretty good point guard but because of the offense the team runs the stats are not there. Some teams only played a few games.  Other teams played a full slate. 
  2. Each region will send 12 players to the game.
  3. If you have a player that deserves to be on the team BUT will not be able to play,  nominate him/her anyways.  Let’s get him recognized.  
  4. It is helpful if the players entered have their stats in MaxPreps.  

Numbers to be nominated and criteria for selection 

  1. Each team may nominate up to three players.  
  2. Players on teams that make the state tournament will be given preference.
  3. Seniority will be taken into consideration when players are equal.
  4. Only player stats in MaxPreps will be taken into consideration
  5. Performance at the regional tournaments will be taken into consideration
  6. Precedence will be given to Varsity over JV players.

Women’s Regions for All Stars

Mercy School Institute
Stephenville FAITH Knights
Texas Wind
Waco Valor
Westlake Academy

Faith Academy Of Bellville
Founders Leander
Gloria Deo Academy
Gloria Deo Academy JV
Tribe Athletics
Valor Kyle

** Men’s teams are the same as the regional tournament

Coaches for the games

The coaches will be the winning head coach from each region.  They will be able to choose the staff as they see fit.  


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