TAIAO is a member run organization.  The STEERING COMMITTEE is charged with taking input from the various sports committees and general membership and “steering” the organization toward common goals.  The Steering Committee members are elected to two year terms with at least one position being up for election each year.  The Current Steering Committee:


WAYNE ALLDREDGE:  Wayne Alldredge has been involved in Coaching at NYOS Charter School since 2001. He originally started to help an overworked head coach on game days only, to make the experience better for his sons, but very quickly found himself at every practice. Originally intending to “retire” from coaching when his boys were done, it seems that every year a younger player comes along that he wants to see grow and develop as a player and a man. While his youngest son graduated in 2008, Wayne stayed at NYOS as head coach through the 2018 football season.  Prior to the 2013 football season he was influential in starting TAIAO. His main goal is that the league and its members always keep in mind that IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!

Rush Cone

RUSH CONE:  Rush Cone has been involved with coaching in one way or another since the early 1980s. However, it wasn’t until 2005 and starting one of the first home school 6-man high school football teams with San:Antonio FEAST that he began his “journey” with small school football. Since 2005 Coach Cone has had the blessing to serve as head and assistant coach for FEAST for 8 years and two 1 year head coaching stints with Our Lady of the Hills in Kerrville and the Geneva School of Boerne. During that time he was involved in the formation of the South Texas Football Conference (24 junior high six-man football teams from Central Texas) in 2006 and, along with Mark Hambrick of The Winston School in San Antonio, the IronMan Tournament in 2007. This year he had the honor of joining the TAIAO Steering Committee. His goals in coaching have always been to provide an outlet for young men to learn that a focused commitment and work hard are the best formula for success and overcoming the fear of failure; because it truly is all ABOUT THE KIDS.