2017 Volleyball  Tournament Details

Thank you everybody for your participation in all my requests for information. I have seeded the teams the best I can for Pool play on Friday. We have had a few changes as always so please observe the format and times to see what your schedule is for the day. One team has dropped out of MS pool play so we will just have 2 pools of 4 rather than 3 pools of 3.

Also: D2 TEAMS WILL FINISH POOL PLAY AND TOURNAMENT PLAY ON FRIDAY ONLY! That’s right, you will play all your games on Friday and there is no need for Saturday games for SA FEAST, CenTex Varsity & Founders Varsity. 

We will have a Varsity Coaches Meeting Friday after the last games (~3:45pm) to nominate and determine TAIAO All State Teams, so that we can announce them in the morning the next day. You will nominate players from your own team and we will discuss and vote together. Please make this a priority if you want your players to receive acknowledgement for their season achievements.



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