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Important files to collect pre-season

  • As we gear up for Football and Volleyball Season, a reminder that the following need to be kept on file for each athlete (See Section 236, Subsection J of the General Rules)
  • Medical Release:  Each organization has their own, but each athlete must be released by a physician prior to participation.  Typically High School Students must have a physical every other year, and Middle School Students every year.
  • Registration Form: Each organization has their own.  It must be signed by the student’s parent or guardian.  The form must provide  for travel permission and medical attention permission.  (IF THE ORGANIZATION CERTIFIES THAT ATHLETES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITH COACHES OR ADMINISTRATORS, THE TRAVEL PORTION NEED NOT BE INCLUDED).
  • Rules Acknowledgment for Students:  Parents and students should sign this form acknowledgement that they have reviewed TAIAO eligibility rules.  
  • Verification of Enrollment: We encourage all organizations to keep on file a record of the athletes eligibility to play junior high or high school sports. 
  • All athletes for High School Football and Volleyball need to be entered on to the roster at  Contact MaxPreps for help starting an account if you do not have one.

 All of the above forms are kept on file at the school/organization and do not need to be submitted to TAIAO offices.