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  • What type of organizations join TAIAO?

TAIAO is open to Charter Schools, Private Schools and Homeschool Organizations.  We currently have representation from all of these types of organizations.

  • What are the League Fees?


  • What Sports does TAIAO offer?

We currently have offerings in 6-Man Football (HS and MS), Basketball (Boys and Girls HS and MS), Volleyball (HS and MS),Soccer, Cross Country, Baseball, Softball, Track, Wrestling, Golf and Powerlifting.

Academics and Fine Arts will be introduced in the spring of 2023.

  • What are the fees used for?

TAIAO is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization.  The fees are used to sponsor year end tournaments and awards, some minimal office expenses, insurance and advertising/website fees.  There are currently not any paid staff at TAIAO.  All members of all committees work on a volunteer basis.  We recognize that eventually the administrative burden may require the addition of paid administrative help, but will strive for fees to be unaffected by such a decision.  Nobody is making a profit through TAIAO.

  • What is the future of TAIAO?

Right now the future looks bright.  As long as the leadership continues to focus on the right things, we feel that more and more organizations will want to be a part of our organization.  More members means more talent resources to help strengthen our offering.  When the original eight members formed the organization there were not any “visions of a huge league”, but we’ve found that as we “DO THE RIGHT THING”, organizations are attracted to us.

We realize that there will be “growing pains”, and don’t pretend to be a perfect fit for every organization.  We do know however that we are a “best” fit for many organizations.