Our annual TAIAO meeting will be held on Sat June 16, either in the Austin area, or Wimberly, Tx (Still trying to nail down exact location).

The summer meeting is our chance to come together as a league and make modifications to rules and guidelines as well as share information that will help other organizations.

Please take a moment and complete the following tasks:

    ARE YOU COMING – If so who from your organization?

Please follow this link to INDICATE ATTENDANCE.   Please use this link even if you are NOT planning to attend.


If someone from your organization is not planning to attend, you should assign your proxy to another member who will be attending.  Note that if you submit a proxy and someone from your organization attends, the proxy will be considered Void.  Note also that proxies are assigned to ORGANIZATIONS not to individuals.  Proxies assigned to individuals will be treated as if assigned to that persons organization (For example, a proxy assigned to “Wayne Alldredge” will be treated as if assigned not “NYOS”

Please follow this link to SUBMIT A PROXY.


You may want to submit a rules modification or other agenda item.  Use the form below to do so.  Keep in mind, our time is limited so it is possible that some submitted agenda items may not be considered at the meeting, however they will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for action.  Note that when submitting rules changes, please submit the current wording of the particular rule, and the exact changes that you propose.  A submission such as “Fix eligibility” will not be considered as it is too broad and undefined.

Please follow this link to SUBMIT PROPOSED AGENDA TOPIC.

A final agenda will be sent out a few days before the event, and once the final location is finalized that information will be forwarded as well.