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14 Year Old Rule

NEW 14 YEAR OLD RULE (All Sports)
Please make sure you are in compliance with the new rule governing the play of 14 year old athletes in junior high.  An athletes DOB needs to be after 5/31/2009 for him/her to be eligible to play on JH.  It will be difficult to get an exception to this rule from the Steering Committee unless the athlete is needed to field a JH team.

** IMPORTANT ** You must submit your DOB for all players in both Varsity and JH. If 14 year old players participated in the past on JH teams without the program having filed a “Play Down” request that was approved by the Steering Committee, then these athletes will lose a year of varsity eligibility.  The only exceptions are for athletes who are entering their Junior or Senior seasons as they will be grandfathered under the old rule.

No varsity athlete is allowed to play more than four years of High School athletics.  No junior high athlete is allowed to play more than three years of JH athletics unless they have obtained a play down exception.

For more information on the new rule please review the revised Football Plan and General Rules